Mystry Grab Bag
Up to 30% off regular pricing
Todays Special Price: $19.95 (plus shipping)
Regular Price: $24.99 - $31.99 (plus shipping)
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---- What's included ----
  •  You Will Receive A Hand Picked Product Delivered to Your Door Each Month for Only $19.95 Instead of The Regular Retail Prices.
  •  Products Include Fan favorites & exclusive styles hand-selected by our team, as well as Mystry Grab Bag Exclusives which are not sold in the shop.
  •  Exclusive 20% Off Discount Code to be Used on Any Product In The Shop For an Unlimited Amount of Times!*
  •  Access to New Items Before They Are Released to the Public
  •  Instant Access to Mystry Grab Bag Members Area, filled with Sneak Peaks And Other Behind The Scenes.
  •  Plans renew automatically. You may cancel at any time.
---- Do I Get To Choose The Product Each Month? ----
Nope, we do the hard work for you and pick an exciting new design for everyone each month! We work with a team of trusted Chargies to help us choose our new product. Sometimes we even ask our fans to vote for their favorite new patterns on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to follow us there!
---- What kind of product will be in the bag? ----
It can be a shirt, a mug, a necklace, a tote. Maybe there are even 2 items inside! 

Any of these can be in the grab bag...
"Just opened my grab BOX for the month and I love it! Perfect for the summer months! Perfect for watching my son play his soccer games for the next few weeks! I am so excited! Thank you! The shirt I got the first time and The hat I got (in the box) today" Sharelle S.
---- How do you know my size? ----
You will tell us of course! After ordering you will fill out a form to specify all your preferences so we can create the perfect grab bag for you each month!
---- How much is shipping? ----
We charge a flat fee for shipping. Within the United States shipping is $6.75, for the rest of the world shipping is $9.75

When ordering the grab bag, you tell us if you're located in the US or Internationally. The grab bag price will be based on the shipping address of the country you select, so there's no fooling us!
---- When will I receive my Mystry Grab Bag? ----
The grab bags are being sent out once per month. We collect all the orders throughout the month and pick out the best possible product for you. The reason that we can offer it at this price is because we benefit from bulk discounts.

Every 10th of the month the Mystry Grab Bags are being sent out. Depending on your location you can expect to receive it in the second or third week of the month. (Depending on postal services)
---- Past Mystry Grab Bag Review ----
"Woohoo! Spoonie mail! My Mystry Grab Bag came! Following the link to the Grab Bags was how I found my way to the support group, lol! I clicked on a FB ad and signed up for Mystry Grab Bags, and in return I got the support group! Best $26 I ever spent! Even if I don't get any more Spoonie gear, which I will!" Lisa F.
"I wanted to show a collage of the AWESOME goodies I've gotten since signing up for the MGB!! I'm like a little kid when it arrives! It certainly brightens my day!!❤️❤️" Alley T.
*Discount Is Valid While Membership Lasts
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